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Elegant Chain Designs

Elegant Chain Designs

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Material: titanium steel

Treatment process: electroplating

1Style: ① coarse gold fried dough twist chain 50cm
2Style: ② Fine gold fried dough twist chain 50cm
3Style: ③ Golden side chain 40+5cm
4Style: ④ Fine gold cross chain 40+5cm
5Style: ⑤ Rough gold cross chain 40+5cm
6Style: ⑥ Fine gold cross bead chain 40+5cm
7Style: ⑦ Coarse gold cross bead chain 40+5cm
8Style: ⑧ Gold Figaro Chain 40+5cm
9Style: ⑨ Golden round snake chain 40+5cm
10Style: ⑩ Golden embossed snake bone chain 40+5cm
11Style: (11) Golden angle chain 40+5cm
12Style: (12) Gold side bead chain 40+5cm
13Style: (13) Gold box chain 40+5cm
14Style: (14) Golden water wave chain 40+5cm
15Style: (15) Gold S chain 40+5cm
16Style: (16) Golden vertical bead chain 40+5cm
17Style: (17) Rough gold star chain 40+5cm
18Style: (18) Fine gold star chain 40+5cm
19Style: (19) Golden Fish Mouth Chain 40+5cm


Our jewellery is mainly made out of copper, alloy and stainless steel.

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